Lynn Ching

Ender is by far the absolute best math tutor you will ever find.  Ender tutored my daughter for 4 years in high school.   In the early years, I would drive my daughter to tutoring and it was always a delight for me to hear her words and see her smile upon emerging from Ender’s […]

Joey Werblun

Ender was my tutor from 7th grade all the way until my senior year in high school. Ender helped me become the math and physics student I am today, and I would not have been able to survive my AP classes without him. His teaching style is unique and I was always excited to meet […]

Anup J.

My daughter goes to a well known private school in San Francisco, and needed to get her math SAT scores up by 10% in order to be competitive in the college process. It’s difficult to do that on your own, and since schools don’t teach to the test, this seemed a reach goal. Luckily for […]

Jeanine Cotter

Ender Markal of SF Tutors tutored my two daughters, who both did well once they had his support. He works out of the Richmond District and his hourly rate is more expensive than some, but based on earlier experiences with other tutors with lower hourly rates who were not as good at conveying concepts my daughters […]

Stephanie S.

Ender is Awesome! My son was struggling his Freshman year of high school in math and we realized it was time to seek out a tutor. While I generally prefer a “word of mouth” recommendation, I decided to check out tutors online and Ender’s bio resonated with me. I called him and we set up […]

Garrett P.

It was intimidating to begin studying for a test that contained mathematical concepts that  I hadn’t even reached in school, alongside concepts that I hadn’t revisited since I first learned them years ago.  It seemed like it would be impossible to learn and relearn nearly four years worth of math curriculum in time for the […]

Sherrie Yao

Both my daughter and son have worked with Ender for many years now, and what I can truly attest to is the remarkable nature in which Ender is able to help two people with very different learning styles excel. My daughter is somewhat of a perfectionist, whose formulaic approach to math sometimes leads her to […]

Patricia T.

Ender tutored both of my kids (one female, one male) as they were approaching the SATs.  They are very different personalities and had different aptitudes for the various areas of high school math. Nonetheless, both eagerly attended their tutoring sessions and felt much more confident in their ability to do well on standardized tests as […]

Simone J.

I had Ender as an SAT math tutor for about 3 months before I took the test and through my time studying with him I not only was able to increase my score, but I also felt more comfortable and ready to take the test. We went over math problems that were common on the […]

Cheryl Addison

My older daughter decided to take Precalculus Honors her junior year at Lowell and discovered it was a bit more than she had bargained for. For her second semester she found a tutor, but after two sessions he told us that he was unable to help, Precalculus Honors was the highest level he tutored, but […]