Why SFTutors?

Extensive Tutoring Experience

I have over 20 years of  tutoring experience. I have successfully tutored hundreds of students from all ages (from 8 to 55) and all academic backgrounds. The majority of my students are high school students, many of whom are preparing for college entrance exams. I have helped my students increase their scores on the SAT and SAT Subject Tests, ACT, GRE, and GMAT. I’ve also played a role in raising their grades and helping them gain admission to their first-choice schools. Please see My background page for details.


In addition to helping with you with the basics of math subjects, I will assist you with test taking strategies and efficient study habits that will guide you in other subjects as well. I’ll help you navigate through setting your own goals, utilizing feedback and learning how to manage your stress.

Personalized Attention

Based on an initial assessment, I will design a program that is specific to you, and focuses on your personal educational needs. This allows you to get the maximum benefit from each session, since no time is wasted on areas in which you are already strong.


I focus on fundamentals that will be indispensable in other areas of your life, not short-term fixes. While the impending tests are certainly important, equally critical are the study skills and time management techniques I will spend time on in my sessions. I concentrate on skills necessary to achieving your personal best on that upcoming exam – but that will also be essential to your future.

Please see my  48-Hour Cancellation Policy.