Parent Testimonial

Wynn Holt

I can give nothing but a sterling recommendation to Ender Markal for the outstanding tutoring he gave my son Jonathan. My son attended a boarding school where the math instruction was weak. Academics were not the focus of this school. He did not take any AP courses in high school. I was so worried about what chance he would possibly have to get into any college, much less a UC. When Jonathan came home on two separate home visits, he had FOUR 1 and 1/2 hour sessions of math tutoring with Ender, slightly less than most students have to prepare for the SAT, ACT as well as the SAT Subject tests. He had already taken both tests in the spring of his junior year and even one in the fall of senior year. His ACT score in math before any tutoring was a 25. After his 4th and final tutoring session with Ender, he took both tests with a final ACT score of 31 in Math, a final SAT score of 680 in math. I was astounded as this was the same score his classmates who were taking AP classes in rigorous schools were getting.

Jonathan also scored a 630 on the Math II SAT subject Tests. Jonathan got into UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz as well as 4 other private colleges. He will be attending a UC and had to take a math placement test last week, as his major requires that he take Calculus before Psychological Statistics. Again, we met Ender before he took the test. He took the test the following day, scored a 35, which meant he does not have to take any math class at UC the entire time he attends there, unless he chooses to do so. Thank you Ender, we believe you’ve helped our son tremendously.