Parent Testimonial

Wendy H.

My two sons have been going to Ender for their entire high school careers–and he is simply put, the best!  I was referred to him when my son was in a crisis–literally flunking Pre-Calculus and in danger of getting an F for the semester.  My son was reluctant to go to a tutor, but Ender said–“look, you will know if this is helping in just a few sessions,” and he was right.  We saw a vast improvement after only three sessions. With Ender’s guidance and explanation, my son went from an F to an A for the trimester and got a B for the semester.  After that, he never wanted to head into a math final without a tune-up session from Ender.  He did very well in math and AP Stat throughout the rest of his high school years.

So when my younger son tested into the very rigorous Accelerated Math course his Freshman year at Lowell, I knew what to do.  I had him start with Ender from the beginning and he was one of the few to emerge from that class with an “A.”  We also asked Ender to tutor our sons for the SAT and SATIIs and he helped them pull down a surprising 800 in the SAT II–surprising because my son doesn’t think of himself as a “math student.”

Ender is kind, patient, rational, and as my sons say, “just a great teacher.”  Everyone I have ever sent to him has been very happy with the results.  Some of my friends decline to go because he is not the least expensive tutor in town, but I want to say “He is worth every penny!”  So often, I’ve seen friends spend lots of time and frustration on a less accomplished tutor–with mediocre results.  Ender delivers results.  Plus, my sons really like him.  He’s low-key and professional, and he eases kid’s fears.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have a resource like Ender for my sons.