Parent Testimonial

Sherrie Yao

Both my daughter and son have worked with Ender for many years now, and what I can truly attest to is the remarkable nature in which Ender is able to help two people with very different learning styles excel. My daughter is somewhat of a perfectionist, whose formulaic approach to math sometimes leads her to miss the big picture, while my son can be a bit scattered in his thought process. Yet, Ender patiently and attentively tailors each and every session to fit my children’s needs. From the examples he uses, to the meticulous notes he writes in every session, it is clear that Ender is not just a brilliant mathematician, but an exceptional teacher–a combination that is quite frankly very difficult to find. Sometimes finding the right tutor is about finding the right fit, but I can guarantee that every student and every learner will find Ender to be the perfect fit. I could not recommend Ender more highly.