Tugba Kalem

It was really very difficult year, which I had to both attend school and study for university entrance exam. I was very busy and the math was difficult, but your teaching methods which were arranged just for my math level made it so easy, understandable and time efficient. You paid attention to my weak areas […]

Daria Willis

I have always been relatively shaky when it comes to standardized tests.  So, when my first SAT scores confirmed this trend, my parents and I looked into tutoring.  We were very lucky to have found Ender. He came over to work on mathematical strategies for the SAT, and assigned homework for the next meeting.  We also did practice […]

Yaprak Temel

I have studied with Ender Markal for about 4 years during high school. He was my first tutor and I was very lucky to meet such a perfect teacher. Now I am studying Aerospace Engineering at one of the best universities in Turkey and I can proudly say that he is one of the most […]