Wendy H.

My two sons have been going to Ender for their entire high school careers–and he is simply put, the best!  I was referred to him when my son was in a crisis–literally flunking Pre-Calculus and in danger of getting an F for the semester.  My son was reluctant to go to a tutor, but Ender […]

Lisa Williams

I am a woman in my 30s who decided to go back to college. I was painfully aware that Math was my weakest subject, so I decided that I needed a tutor, just a little one-on-one. I say a little because I sort of expected enough to get me through. Then I met Ender the […]

Kristi Phillips

I had a dream to go to a top business school to get my MBA. My application was strong, but I was missing one critical element, a high score on the GMAT. To prepare for the test, I took a Kaplan class and learned test taking strategies, but my score did not improve over my […]

Gorkem Gunbas, PhD

I studied with Ender when I was in Middle School. As a child, everybody around me and my family though that I was a smart kid, but I never really thought that way for a long time. I always had problem focusing.  So, after primary school it was obvious that I needed some help and […]

Wynn Holt

I can give nothing but a sterling recommendation to Ender Markal for the outstanding tutoring he gave my son Jonathan. My son attended a boarding school where the math instruction was weak. Academics were not the focus of this school. He did not take any AP courses in high school. I was so worried about […]

Michael Natenshon

Great prep for the GMAT and reasonably priced compared to the teachers I worked with in my Manhattan GMAT class.  Helped me understand specific areas that I targeted as trouble spots and had a lot of good practice problems from actual past tests. My score went up 50 points after three private sessions.

Maureen Murray Fox

Ender’s individualized attention, and flexibility in scheduling tutorial sessions, was the perfect way for our daughter to prepare for college SATs.The preparatory sessions were customized to cover areas where she needed review, and gave her the ability to work through problems and talk out her approach to solving them. Although math is not her strongest […]

Kaan Ataman, PhD

I studied Math with Ender Markal for about 2 years. He has great knowledge of fundamental concepts and he is very effective at transferring what he knows into words. He is great with assessing your current level of knowledge and can create a customized learning program for your own comfortable pace. He makes sure you […]

Hasan Cemal Sargin

I studied math with Ender during my junior year in the high school.Patience was the keyword at our lectures and Ender showed great instances of enthusiasm and understanding that made everything a lot easier for both of us. His communicative skills were so excellent that he always managed to keep my attention high toward the subject we […]

Barbara G. Hurtig

We knew that our daughter needed individual attention; not because she’s a poor student but more because she needed to work at her own pace and style of learning. Ender helped her learn how to think about the material and how to think through the questions rather than striving for simple memorization. My husband and I felt very fortunate […]