Parent Testimonial

Lynn Ching

Ender is by far the absolute best math tutor you will ever find.  Ender tutored my daughter for 4 years in high school.   In the early years, I would drive my daughter to tutoring and it was always a delight for me to hear her words and see her smile upon emerging from Ender’s office.

Here are a few phrases which I wrote down over the years:

“When my math teacher explains a concept, I memorize it, think that I understand – but time passes and I forget it.  However, when Ender teaches me, I really understand it and I never forget it.”

“I’ll have to give a shout-out to Ender when I win a Nobel prize.”

“I feel smarter already.”

My daughter is currently in her first year of college in an engineering program.   She insists on tutoring with Ender (via Skype), and from all accounts is doing very well – thanks in large part – to years spent with Ender –

Beyond his math genius, Ender is an incredibly patient, lovely man.  I can honestly say that my daughter always looked (and still does) forward to her tutoring sessions with Ender.

Sessions are not cheap, but the ‘return’ in the form of my daughter’s joy, confidence and competence in math – has FAR exceeded the cost.