Student Testimonial

Kristi Phillips

I had a dream to go to a top business school to get my MBA. My application was strong, but I was missing one critical element, a high score on the GMAT. To prepare for the test, I took a Kaplan class and learned test taking strategies, but my score did not improve over my diagnostic assessment. I knew that I needed to learn more than test taking strategies to do well on the test, I needed to learn the fundamental concepts of mathematics. I then sought out private tutoring from Ender. I hadn’t studied math since high school and was very discouraged and frustrated. Ender’s tutoring turned me around. He listened to my thinking, figured out what I did not understand and then helped me find the missing link in what I needed to do to solve the problem. Not only did I gain an understanding of the mathematical concepts, but I left every session feeling motivated and encouraged to continue my learning. As my confidence built, my speed and accuracy increased as well. Ender always acknowledged what I did right, encouraged me to keep trying and held me accountable for studying. He is a patient, brilliant, fun and talented teacher. Because of his work with me, my GMAT score increased by 90 points and put me into the range of accepted applicants at top business schools. I submitted my applications last week and Ender and I are both keeping our fingers crossed that I get accepted! Thank you, Ender, for your time, encouragement, patience and teaching.