Student Testimonial

Kaan Ataman, PhD

I studied Math with Ender Markal for about 2 years. He has great knowledge of fundamental concepts and he is very effective at transferring what he knows into words. He is great with assessing your current level of knowledge and can create a customized learning program for your own comfortable pace. He makes sure you understand and learn what is important.Besides his analytical skills, he is an easy-going person who is also fun to be with. He has a way of making studying a fun activity. He cares about people and how much they achieve at the end of the day. With his help I developed strong fundamentals in mathematical concepts which helped me through my studies. In my opinion, it is very important to develop a strong background of math no matter what you study, and no matter what your career goals are. It definitely makes everything else easier to understand. I am currently a PhD student at The Tippie College of Business at The University of Iowa. My studies with Ender not only helped me to get to where I am and also I still use most of the concepts I learned on a daily basis.

I highly recommend Ender as a tutor for people who need to develop good mathematical background that they can rely on all through their lives and achieve all this painlessly.