Student Testimonial

Gorkem Gunbas, PhD

I studied with Ender when I was in Middle School. As a child, everybody around me and my family though that I was a smart kid, but I never really thought that way for a long time. I always had problem focusing.  So, after primary school it was obvious that I needed some help and I found myself in the hands of Ender Markal. First, he helped me believe that I am a smart kid and turned me into a confident person. After that point, everything was much easier. I think teaching well is a special talent and what I know is Ender is a natural-born teacher. The most important thing that he can easily do is to make you focus on something. After you’re focused and you got the fundamentals of math from him, you realize that it is easy and fun. The more you focus and the more you learn, the easier and fun it becomes to deal with math. I think the secret of his success in teaching depends on these points. I really learned math and I got the ability to apply the fundamentals of math to other areas like physics and chemistry. He always motivated me and supported me throughout my academic career and has always been the first person to consult. I feel lucky that I studied with him.