Parent Testimonial

Cheryl Addison

My older daughter decided to take Precalculus Honors her junior year at Lowell and discovered it was a bit more than she had bargained for. For her second semester she found a tutor, but after two sessions he told us that he was unable to help, Precalculus Honors was the highest level he tutored, but that this class was particularly difficult. Luckily we found Ender who was able to get her up to speed in no time at all. She continued to use him on an “as needed basis” for the rest of the year which was very convenient and saved us the money and time of having a tutor every week.

Two years later my younger daughter was in a similar situation and began working with Ender both for help with Precalculus and also for some prep work for the ACT. This year she is taking Calculus and goes to see him now and then when she feels she needs some extra help. It continues to be extremely convenient and easy to schedule sessions with him. He is very kind and calm, and extremely knowledgeable with a great gift for clarifying complex material. Both my daughters have been very happy working with Ender. They always leave his sessions with their questions answered and a strong understanding of the material. Their grades reflect this as well. We couldn’t be happier.