Parent Testimonial

Anup J.

My daughter goes to a well known private school in San Francisco, and needed to get her math SAT scores up by 10% in order to be competitive in the college process. It’s difficult to do that on your own, and since schools don’t teach to the test, this seemed a reach goal. Luckily for us, Ender made it happen. He’s an excellent, straightforward, results-oriented tutor. He does problem-solving and focuses on getting as many of the likely problems in front of the kids as possible, along with strategies to attack those problems. There are many tutors out there (including some we tried), who focus on the ‘softer skills’ like nutrition, meditation, good sleep etc. My daughter didn’t need that; what she needed was to do the problem sets with a tutor who is patient and clear enough to walk her through each one. She thought Ender was incredibly helpful, and she came home from her tutoring sessions feeling empowered and accomplished.  We can’t recommend him highly enough. and yes she got that 10% boost.