Mythbusting: “I’m just not good at math!”

From an early age we are often informed – even if inadvertently – of our “limitations.” These supposed limitations might be imposed upon us by family, teachers, or friends: though often we impose them upon ourselves – by comparing ourselves to our peers or by telling ourselves we are not progressing quickly enough. If we […]

What if I find math hard?

Many students really do struggle in math: I’m certainly not suggesting otherwise. Experiencing challenges is part of the learning process; but it’s also, frankly, part of the fun. By actively engaging with that process, you’re not just learning math; you’re also learning about yourself: about what keeps you attentive, about what models and methods “make […]

Want to boost your test scores? Try Meditation

Finding it hard to focus on studying? Is your mind wandering as you prepare for your big test? Meditation may be the answer to your troubles. Mindfulness meditation can help quiet your mind and focus your attention on the present. It’s commonly used to manage stress, depression, and pain, and studies show it can be […]

True professionals don’t fear amateurs – Seth Godin

From Seth Godin’s Blog 12.24.12 True professionals don’t fear amateurs Professional farmers don’t begrudge the backyard gardener his tomato harvest. That’s silly. And talented mechanics certainly don’t mind the antics of the Car Talk guys (or their listeners). Sooner or later, if you need a real mechanic, you’ll find one, and if you don’t, well, […]