How Many Times Should I Take the SAT?

Just about every senior-year student I’ve worked with has had friends who have taken the SAT as if it were a monthly ritual to be resignedly endured, until he or she was finally able to crawl painstakingly to the mailbox for the very last time to check his or her scores, too exhausted to celebrate […]

5 Reasons to take the PSAT

You’re taking AP classes, running on the cross-country team, performing in your high school play, and volunteering at the local senior center. You’re right on track to apply to college, but you’re also burned out! Why take the time to study for a standardized test you don’t even need for college admission? There are a […]

How Many Times Should I Take the GMAT?

I should begin here by differentiating between these two questions (and it’s a really important differentiation!): How many times you can take the GMAT, and how many times you should take the GMAT. To answer the former (let’s get the objective answers out of the way first), here’s what your limitations are: 

Taking the GMAT Long After College

GMAT is an important piece of the admission puzzle and with careful planning, consistent effort and determination; it could be your best ally.