Mythbusting: “I’m just not good at math!”

From an early age we are often informed – even if inadvertently – of our “limitations.” These supposed limitations might be imposed upon us by family, teachers, or friends: though often we impose them upon ourselves – by comparing ourselves to our peers or by telling ourselves we are not progressing quickly enough. If we […]

High School Entrance Exams – demystifying the acronyms SSAT, ISEE and HSPT

Gaining admissions into some private middle and high schools is surprisingly similar to the college admissions process. Everything from a student’s grades, extra-curriculars, and teacher recommendations are looked at by the admissions officers at different schools. Since curricula, educational and assessment standards can vary widely from school to school, admissions personnel can compare students from […]

Why Should I Use a Tutor? ~ Top 5 Reasons

Believe me, I’ve gotten this question more than once – and in the years I spent determining that tutoring was my life’s path, I accumulated a lot of answers. As someone who made regular use of tutors when I was a student, I now feel qualified to answer this question from both sides. Below are […]

What if I find math hard?

Many students really do struggle in math: I’m certainly not suggesting otherwise. Experiencing challenges is part of the learning process; but it’s also, frankly, part of the fun. By actively engaging with that process, you’re not just learning math; you’re also learning about yourself: about what keeps you attentive, about what models and methods “make […]

Want to boost your test scores? Try Meditation

Finding it hard to focus on studying? Is your mind wandering as you prepare for your big test? Meditation may be the answer to your troubles. Mindfulness meditation can help quiet your mind and focus your attention on the present. It’s commonly used to manage stress, depression, and pain, and studies show it can be […]

Do The Math To Get The Best Jobs

Studies by the career website for the past several years have consistently shown that math is often the key to finding the best jobs. recently published an article “Dust Off Your Math Skills: Actuary is Best Job of 2013” reporting the results of the latest study. CareerCast ranks 200 jobs from best to […]

Should I take the SAT or the ACT?

Answer a few questions about yourself and get an idea of which one may be a better fit for you… As you’re likely to have noticed, the SAT has generally predominated in discourses about standardized testing for college admissions.  This is because traditionally, colleges have used the SAT as the gauge by which to evaluate […]

Average SAT Scores for the Class of 2012 Remains Steady

More than 1.66 million students took the SAT in 2012, the largest group to have taken the test, and according to the College Board, the most diverse as 45 percent of test takers were minority students. This year’s scores averages are virtually unchanged from previous years. Average SAT scores for the class of 2012 in critical […]

True professionals don’t fear amateurs – Seth Godin

From Seth Godin’s Blog 12.24.12 True professionals don’t fear amateurs Professional farmers don’t begrudge the backyard gardener his tomato harvest. That’s silly. And talented mechanics certainly don’t mind the antics of the Car Talk guys (or their listeners). Sooner or later, if you need a real mechanic, you’ll find one, and if you don’t, well, […]