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5 Reasons to take the PSAT

You’re taking AP classes, running on the cross-country team, performing in your high school play, and volunteering at the local senior center. You’re right on track to apply to college, but you’re also burned out! Why take the time to study for a standardized test you don’t even need for college admission?

There are a few good reasons to take the PSAT:

1. You can qualify for National Merit and other Scholarships

2. You can qualify for special scholarships provided by corporate sponsors for students who meet their criteria and are high performers in the competition

3. Colleges interested in you will send you information about their programs and services through College Board’s Student Search Service®

4. You will be able to compare your test performance with students across the country and get comprehensive feedback on your strengths and weaknesses

5. Most importantly, PSAT is great preparation for the SAT!

In a real life test environment, you’ll have the opportunity to try out your test taking skills under pressure- one great way to overcome test anxiety. You’ll become familiar with the format of the SAT (the PSAT is almost identical to the SAT except for the writing section). You’ll get detailed feedback on test areas you can improve on before you take the SAT, so you can be focused in your preparation and work most on your weakest areas.